Ayush Ministry constitutes expert panel to look into insurance related matters


For allaying all concerns of the stakeholders of ayush systems with regard to insurance coverage, the Union Ministry of Ayush has constituted a core committee of experts under the leadership of the international consumer policy expert, Prof. Bejon Kumar Misra, to look into the issues related to insurance coverage for Ayush Systems.
The government was persuaded to formulate a panel of experts to inquire about the patients’ access to insurance coverage to avoid discrimination against ayush treatments by insurance companies. It is learnt that the companies are willing to pay the benefits of insurance coverage for allopathic treatments, but unwilling to reimburse the bills for ayurveda, siddha and homeopathy treatments.
This expert panel will ensure that all the eligible patients are getting benefited out of the insurance coverage for treatments they avail from ayush hospitals, and no one is denied.
According to sources, the panel of experts is a form of permanent system to advise the government about insurance related matters and to streamline the insurance coverage for all eligible ayush treatments. The committee has come into force from this month onwards and it will function without any specific tenure.    
“The committee will look into the matter seriously whether those patients who are eligible for coverage of insurance get benefited or not.  Although the government of India and the insurance regulator IRDA have strictly instructed the insurance companies to provide the benefits as soon as possible as many of the insurance companies are reluctant to reimburse the amount of treatments, so several eligible patients are neglected of the benefits. This expert committee under my chairmanship will look into the matter and ensure the eligibility of insurance coverage and speedy release of the benefits’, said Prof. Misra to Pharmabiz.
He said today a lot of anomalies are happening with regard to insurance coverage as a lot of ayurveda, siddha and homeopathy hospitals are treating patients, but they are not getting benefited under insurance coverage. The government of India wants to make the coverage of benefits to all those who get treated in ayush hospitals. The expert committee will ensure that there should not be any discrimination between ayush treatments and allopathic treatments.
Apart from Prof. B K Misra, the other panelists are Dr. Kousthubha Upadhyaya, Adviser to the Ministry of Ayush as Member Secretary, Dr. Mukul Patel, Vice Chairman of Gujarat Ayurvedic University, Prof. Dr. Narayan Gangadhar Shahane, Consulting Ayurvedic Surgeon and Urologist, Medical Director at Brahma Ayurveda, Rajiv Vasudevan, Chairman, CII Ayurveda group, a member from IRDAI by nomination, a member from General Insurance Public Sector Association (GIPSA) a member from  Insurance Information Bureau and Dr. Saket Ram, Officer on Special Duty at the Ministry of Ayush.
The responsibilities of the committee include advising the government on issues related to insurance matters and conducting awareness programs about insurance coverage involving all stakeholders. The committee should also study the current status of the ayush systems under health insurance and should bring out a white paper.

Oct 06,2023

Source: Pharmabiz


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